Arctic Services HVAC Careers

Service Technician

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Directly responsible for performing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment maintenance, repair and or installation labor tasking procedures per Service Manager, Company and customer requirements.
  2. Directly responsible for adhering to Company and customer safety policies and practices.
  3. Ensures that all service tasking activities are carried out in compliance with local, state, federal and all United Association requirements.
  4. Directly responsible for assuring those good housekeeping practices are maintained at the jobsite.
  5. Directly responsible for providing feedback to the Service Manager regarding service trends, cost saving opportunities and customer issues.
  6. Directly responsible for maintaining and recording written descriptions on Company provided field service and job forms for all labor hours and materials used for all completed and or in-progress jobs per established Company reporting procedures and submit field forms to the Service Manager per Company accuracy and time requirements.
  7. Directly responsible for communicating with Service Manager, Dispatcher(s), Billing Coordinator, Accounts Payable and other Company operating personnel to resolve Company and or customer requests for information or problem resolution.
  8. Directly responsible to perform all work in the most expeditious and cost efficient means possible while assuring customer satisfaction.
  9. Directly responsible for developing and maintaining in-depth knowledge of:
    1. Company’s products and services.
    2. Equipment maintenance tasking procedures.
    3. Customer needs, requirements, and service delivery issues.
    4. Service industry trends
  10. Directly responsible for reporting safety, quality and or productivity problems.
  11. Directly responsible during the execution of service work for notifying the Service Manager for any job equipment, transportation, and or tool requirements.
  12. Directly responsible for coordinating service vehicle repair and maintenance with Service Manager and or dispatcher.
  13. Directly responsible for coordinating all personnel personal leave, and sick days Service Manager and or dispatcher.
  14. Directly responsible for recording labor, materials, and or job purchase requisitions on field job forms per Company recording requirements.
  15. Directly responsible working closely with other departments to ensure the proper transfer of all service work business data required for payroll, billing, accounts payable, lease vehicle management, and human resource management functions.
  16. Directly responsible for complying with Company standards of conduct and appearance so as to reflect positively on Company image.

Essential Technical Skills

  1. Ability to read and interpret blue prints, equipment specifications, mechanical and electrical codes and regulations.
  2. Must be certified and perform refrigerant recover and reclamation from refrigeration systems per EPA regulations.
  3. Must be able to maintain adequate truck stock per Company inventory control procedures.
  4. Must have an understanding of how to perform equipment maintenance tasking procedures per Company and industry best practice procedures.
  5. Must have an understanding of AC/DC electrical HVAC equipment components.
  6. Must have an understanding of refrigerant piping installation procedures.
  7. Must have an understanding and use of installation and or equipment maintenance service specialty tools (i.e. benders, charging equipment, and power tools over 2 hp).
  8. Must have an understanding of installation and operation of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment.
  9. Must have an understanding of Pneumatic and or Direct Digital Control operation and or maintenance tasking procedures.
  10. Must have an understanding of primary (boilers/chillers) and secondary (AHU, (pumps, fans, fan coils, terminal, PTAC, heat pumps, etc.) heating and cooling HVAC equipment maintenance tasking and or installation requirements.
  11. Must have an understanding in the use of hand signals to direct crane or lift operators during load lifting and placement.
  12. Understand how to perform trouble shooting procedures on heating and cooling equipment.
  13. Ability to provide service estimates and quotes to client for minor service work per Company procedures.

Education/Training Requirements:

Associates of Science in Mechanical Engineering and or equivalent from an accredited educational institution.

Prior Work Experience:

Two to five years of proven field service experience in commercial HVAC service organization and working knowledge of commercial service agreement maintenance tasking and equipment installation procedures with a broad range of primary and secondary commercial HVAC hydronic/air equipment and systems.

Positive Aspects of the job:

  1. Above average income potential.
  2. Above average health and insurance benefits package.
  3. Career growth and advancement opportunities.
  4. Complete job training program provided
  5. Large full-service Company with extensive capabilities
  6. Experienced Service Manager(s) for on-the-job coaching, counseling and mentoring.
  7. New and well equipment service vehicles.

Performance Factors:

Incumbent must be able to:

  1. Ability to work 40 hours per week, scheduled in 8-10 hour shifts.
  2. Ability to work 10-20 hours overtime per week.
  3. Ability to work in environments including hot, wet, cold and or windy conditions, caused by weather.
  4. Ability to physically turn 180 degrees and walking 2-4 hours per day.
  5. Ability to stand or climb 4-6 hours per day.
  6. Ability to kneel, lift, reaching above shoulders, and bending 4-5 hours per day.
  7. Ability to squat and sitting 1-2 hours per day.
  8. Ability to lift weights of 1- 100 lbs in various shapes and sizes from concrete blocks to refrigerant cylinders to 20 foot lengths of pipe.
  9. Ability to lift weight from floor to shoulder height.
  10. Ability to pass respirator testing.
  11. Understands and works effectively with critical internal group dynamics to get the job done.
  12. Actively explores with others the advantages and disadvantages of a course of action.
  13. Ensures that various internal groups work together toward a common business approach.
  14. Efficiently manages multiple tasks (e.g., selects and applies proper tools).
  15. Systematically gathers and analyzes pertinent information to plan the most effective course of action.
  16. Anticipates potential problems and develop contingency plans to avoid them.
  17. The ability to evaluate problems and issues and to make proper decisions.
  18. Effective use of time management.

Other minimum requirements:

  1. Ability to travel to customer job sites.
  2. Ability to work whatever hours or times to meet specific organizational requirements.
  3. Have excellent communication and written skills.