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About Arctic

Arctic was born from simple but highly accountable principals: integrity, honesty and exceptional service ability.

We have grown our company from a two-man operation to a thriving industry leader, and we did it one customer at a time. In fact, we have a 95% retention rate with the customers we serve today.

Arctic views our customers as business partners. We are always looking for opportunities to elevate their buildings performance, reach their budget goals and reduce their energy consumption. We utilize the latest cloud technologies that provide our customers with real-time, up-to-date, accurate information about service jobs, maintenance, and projects through our software system called TracView.

At Arctic, we employ technicians who are highly trained in each area of our industry, giving us a well-rounded team. Each technician must pass a drug screening, background check and a professional driving test. Our technicians are armed with iPads that are loaded with state of the art software programs. This gives our customers real-time information as soon as the service is completed. Goodbye to the old days of paper tickets and long turnaround time for important information.

Arctic Services Team

Team Member One

Jarrod Johnson – Operations Manager

Team Member One

Amber Johnson – Office Manager

Team Member One

Kelly Hawkins – Commercial Service Manager


Ed Simon – Account/Maintenance Manager